kitchen remodel

With 2018 coming to a quiet close, it's time to start crafting the perfect New Year's Resolution list for 2019. If a kitchen renovation is near the top of your list of goals, you're not alone -- in fact, the remodeling industry is expected to grow by 2% each year through 2025. Here are some of the top design trends that will permeate kitchens across America in 2019.

Pops of colors

Gone are the days of the monochromatic kitchen. Instead of washing your kitchen in whites and cedars, many designers will opt for bold color schemes to create a more inviting atmosphere than the cold, calculated black and white of a modern kitchen.

If you can't commit to every color in the rainbow, try contrasting hot and cold colors in your kitchen design. A navy table with eclectic orange seats will create a pop of color without going overboard.

Open concepts

Designers and homeowners have loved the idea of open-concept floor plans for years, but the open concept is stretching to more than just your furniture.

Instead of indulging on regal cabinet doors with fancy handles, many new kitchen remodeling products will ditch the cabinets altogether. Open shelving can show off your beautiful dishware, especially if you have a fun color scheme or beautiful glasses. When you plan your kitchen renovation, talk to your kitchen remodeler about what types of custom shelves would work for your layout.

Unique sinks

No kitchen remodel is complete without a luxury sink. In fact, sink options have only expanded to accommodate a variety of functions, style preferences, and meal choices. For a kitchen feature we use every day, few people realize how beneficial a functional sink is to their home.

Nowadays, some sinks are made with built-in cutting boards, metallic accents, and even ice buckets to keep your veggies fresh as you prep. With the right sink, your kitchen remodel will feel like a kitchen transformation.

Of course, none of these trends will come to life if you don't choose the right kitchen remodeler. Luckily, Contemporary Remodeling in Springfield, VA has all the experience, expertise, and tools you need to craft the perfect new kitchen design for your family. Go online or visit us today. You won't regret it.