kitchen remodelingJust like fashion, music, and style, kitchen remodeling is no stranger to the yearly trend and passing fad. If you're set on revamping your kitchen design, consider these 2018 trends before you hire a kitchen remodeler.

Smart kitchens
We've all seen those refrigerators with a tablet on the door. Though it may seem like a passing trend, we cannot disregard the importance of technology in our daily lives, including our kitchen. If you don't want a screen on every surface, there are other helpful aspects of smart technology to incorporate in your kitchen remodeling, like your lighting system and programmable coffee pots. In addition, most luxury appliances can now be integrated with your home automation system of choice.

Go for grey
If you're looking for a simpler change to your kitchen design, consider adding greys and taupes to your kitchen's color scheme. Everyone has always wanted a white kitchen, but more muted colors, especially grey, are threatening white for its top spot among kitchen paint sellers.

Storage, storage, storage
This one seems less like a kitchen remodeling trend and more like a kitchen remodeling necessity. Too long have cooks and bakers struggled to store their pots and pans, spices and herbs, cups and plates. This year is the perfect time for everyone to upgrade their storage solutions and opt for space-saving options in their cabinets and countertops. Utilizing drawer dividers, spice racks, floating shelves, and caddies have proved to be a necessity when it comes to your kitchen remodel this year.

Choose bold lighting fixtures
If you've always preferred eccentric lighting in your home, now is your time to shine. While avant-garde lighting doesn't always work for smaller homes, even homes with lower ceilings can utilize bold, attention-grabbing lighting fixtures to create depth and drama in a room.

Quartz holds up
If you thought about upgrading your countertops, you might want to hesitate: quartz is still one of the most popular choices for countertops and color schemes across the board. It's a versatile stone that can complement any color scheme for your new, contemporary design. It's sleek, easy to clean, and reflects light in your kitchen, making your space look larger.

When you're looking to upgrade your kitchen, relying on yearly trends can help point you in the right direction for your kitchen renovation. When even a minor remodel on your kitchen can give you a return on investment of nearly 83%, choose a kitchen remodeling contractor that you can trust to get the job done right.