kitchen design

With so many light, airy kitchens displayed in home magazines, the monotony is enough to make anyone rebel. If you're thinking about performing a kitchen remodel, think about using a dark kitchen design to go against the grain. Here are some of the reasons you should think about going to the dark side when you plan your kitchen renovation project.

First: A Warning

A dark kitchen is a brave decision and it can be easy to go overboard. To keep the space open and uncluttered, try combining light and dark colors to create contrast during your kitchen remodeling. This contrast will prevent the eye from staying in one spot, opening up your space and creating a more welcoming environment for guests.

The Benefits of Choosing the Dark Side

A dark kitchen offers the depth and richness unseen in a traditionally lighter kitchen. Dark hues and burgundy accents will provide a calming atmosphere, making it a relaxing haven. Dark colors inspire a sense of luxury that lighter kitchen designs cannot hope to achieve. It's a unique design idea that will set your kitchen apart from the rest.

Here are some ways you can show your dark side during your kitchen remodel.

Dark Cabinets

While you might want to paint your entire kitchen black, having a monochromatic design scheme will get boring after a while. Cabinets usually take up the majority of your kitchen, so implementing dark brown or black cabinets will create a statement without going overboard.

Look at cabinets with subtle details or color combinations to provide a more dimensional look. Some homeowners opt out for using doors altogether, instead of displaying their glasses and cutlery on open black shelving. You can also pair your dark cabinets with light handles or glass faces to keep the space open.

Dark Counters

While many prefer light countertops for easy cleaning, dark countertops will provide a welcome contrast in an otherwise light kitchen. Dark countertops will provide a sleek kitchen design no matter the type of appliances your kitchen harbors. This contemporary kitchen design will go great with stainless steel accents or white walls.

Dark Tables

If you have room for a kitchen table, choosing a darker-hued table with matching chair is an easy way to create a sleek look. Accent the table with monochromatic decorations for an easy statement piece.

If you're stuck for ideas regarding a dark kitchen design, consider calling a reliable kitchen remodeler near you. Even though 36% of remodeling jobs are due to property damage, there's no reason you should wait to create the kitchen of your dreams. Call Contemporary Remodeling today for the best in contemporary design.